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Thảo cầm viên- Chung Nhựt Phát -Fujifilm Classic NEG preset



Photographer: Chung Nhựt Phát

Camera: Fujifilm X100

Ig: chungnhutphat

Fujifilm preset

Personally, Classic Negative is very easy to use. It’s always got a warmer feeling to it with auto white balance settings on. Even when you lock it, the images are going to feel somewhat more warm and purple. It likes to be overexposed or to have a lot of light. When there isn’t a lot of light, it reacts oddly. Classic Negative is sort of temperamental. Again, you want to give it a lot of light. But that doesn’t mean that you expose each scene the same way. 

Classic Negative also naturally has a softer look to it. It’s easy to enjoy the render and it sincerely looks like an actual film emulsion. 

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